Problem with FTP

A small topic for english speaking users =)
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Inscription : 10 janv. 2012, 10:31

Hello to everyone
I'm a new shmup fan :)
I want to know if this address is still working

cause I cannot go nowhere with this address :(

is it changed ?
I'm loocking for with some x68000 stuff like OLTEUS 2 , GALSEED 2 that I cannot find anywhere :(

Thank you !!!
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Hi Siggy12,

Unfortunately the owner of this website/ftp has not visited our forums for quite a long time.
You can try to suscribe to his website and leave him a message (bottom of the page).

Rare x68000 games aren't easy to find, sorry I don't know where to find these...
à ce point-là, moi j'dis qu'ça d'vient gênant