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MessagePublié: 07 Nov 2004, 22:09
par druuna
this game kicks ass SERIOUSLY guys!!!
give it a's a 75mb demo but....believe'll not be disappointed by it.
Download the accomplished version in the download section.



MessagePublié: 07 Nov 2004, 23:54
par sisi
Yes I know this, it's a wonderful shoot 'em up! =]

MessagePublié: 26 Mai 2005, 23:21
par Toxine
exellent shoot them up :)

MessagePublié: 27 Mai 2005, 08:36
par yace
Yes, it's awesome. And thanks for the link, dude.

MessagePublié: 27 Mai 2005, 09:04
par tam
it does not work, strange error with japanese text on my window XP :-(
any hints ?