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score database

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hello everybody sorry my france is not so good
so perhaps someone of the french people can translate the main parts.

since Year 2000 we saving the scores of shooting games
most of the players are german, austria or swiss people

we are working at the moment for the latest version of our score database
we have at the moment around 500 scores of mor than 70 people
from over 100 different games
all saved in a big database

you cab see the project on

1. Point on the right side (highscores)

if you klick on scorelisten you come to the main aplication
row 1 are the scorelist the number behind the Titels are show you
how much scores for each titel are avaible at the moment

next row are the scores each player played until now

3. row is for insert or update scores

4. row is to change the profile

the ranking point on the main site are some special rankings
we have point for each place 1. 150 2. 125 3. 110 4. 100 .....
the small ranking is the total points of 10-15 scoreshooter,
the titels are written there.

the big ranking is the total score of all posted scores of a player
where every titel has got different rating

the other rankings are more information of a player
1. row total points without rating
2. row points / played games
3. row points / played games (forpeople who played 5 or more games)

we dont take the ranking so sirious, is just a litle bit entertainment

last point on the main site is to make an account

if someone want to join this database, be free to post your scores.
also if you choose you country at your profile
later its no problem to make different score tabels for
all player
or for player of 1 country

if you want you can also set a link to the pages
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